Business Applications

Managing daily business operations may become hard to manage without proper collaborative tools in place. iDIGIT provide full set of business management software that enhance the business daily operations. Corporates can abtain the full bundle of the applications as a package at discounted price, or can order for individual applications according to their requirements.

The software is the optimal solution for business daily operations, management and planning activities:

  • FlowShare - Document Management System (DMS).
    FlowShare is a document management system that can enable organization to save, track, search and mange documents with support of optional workflow. The document repository can be managed by configuring the connector to diferent type of sorgae, like hard disks of on the file system, shared folders or FTP in addition of other available storage types.
    With the DMS workflow, the organizations will have a wide range of options and flexibility to control the business process and document flow.

    FlowShare is equiped with an online built-in file manager for managing the document files
  • Diamond CRM - Customer Relationship Management that every business needs.
  • Ozone - Content Management System (CMS).
  • Traiding
    Managing sales, purshasing and inventory
  • AccountPlus - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    AccountPlus is a highly customizable and full fledged accounting system that fits any company size with any sort of industries
    Read More about AccountPlus

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